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Can Swedish trials be
stringent and competitive?

Yes, they can.

Pharma and medical device companies can be sure that a clinical trial approved in Sweden will meet or exceed quality demands across the world. All trials performed in Sweden, from submission of a protocol to approval of the final report, require the approval of the Medical Products Agency - Sweden (MPA), one of the most stringent regulatory authorities in the world.

But stringency has its costs. Poor knowledge of regulatory procedures and ad hoc solutions by individual CROs, can and do make trials in Sweden less competitive.

We think it’s high time that changed. In Sweden, CROs have no common entity to represent us as a whole. That’s why we proposed the formation of ASCRO - the Association of CROs active in Sweden. Together, we can establish best practices and a formal dialogue with agencies and partners to keep clinical trials in Sweden at the highest levels of quality and ethics, as well as highly competitive.


ASCRO: our vision

ASCRO strives to make clinical trials in Sweden more competitive, with the highest levels of quality, ethics and standards at their heart.


Join ASCRO to make clinical trials in Sweden more competetive