About Ascro

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ASCRO is the business organisation for CROs Active in Sweden, as well as an association and forum for standardising trade practices in clinical research that benefit customers, agencies, healthcare researchers and CROs alike. ASCRO is part of the European CRO network through our membership in EUCROF.

In 2017, ASCRO and LIF signed an associative agreement in order to be able to work closer together and join forces in areas of common interest. The agreement also means that ASCRO’s members agree to follow the ethical rules that apply to the medical industry in Sweden. ASCRO share offices with LIF on Sveavägen 63 in Stockholm. We are also in dialogue with the Swedish MPA, SKR, KSS och Noderna, Life science-kontoret, Apotekarsocieteten, Biobank Sverige and other relevant partners with the goal of strengthening clinical research and life science in Sweden.

Processes agreed between stakeholders involved in clinical studies; the MPA, LIF and ASCRO can remove operational bottlenecks, thereby lowering the cost and time of managing clinical research in Sweden. CROs that have sought and followed the advice of the MPA show approval rates close to 100%. ASCRO will work continuously to establish channels of MPA consultation for its members.

SKR and ASCRO share an interest in increasing the number of clinical studies in Sweden; cooperation is the best way forward. LIF, the trade association of our customers, should have an equivalent body to discuss preferred practices. As ASCRO members, all CROs benefit from being mutually represented to these organisations.

Mission Statement

• Through partnership with different levels of government, national agencies, academia and key actors in the pharmaceutical-, biotech- and medical technology industry, the members of ASCRO improve the conditions for the planning, conduct and reporting of clinical research in Sweden, by fostering the development, access and use of common principles and standards for partnering with CRO’s, and for the effective recruitment of investigators and patients/subjects into clinical trials.

• ASCRO carries out its mission through advocacy on policy issues of major importance for the CRO and research industry seeking to improve business conditions for its members. In addition, it sets a minimum required standard for the provision of CRO services and provides essential support for its members, in order to meet their individual business objectives.


• ASCRO shall seek to position its members as recognized stakeholders and contributors towards the effective management of clinical research/clinical studies in Sweden.

• ASCRO shall raise the profile of consultancy in clinical research to a level where ASCRO and its members are associated with a minimum required level of quality of its services, and for employing market leading business ethics.


ASCRO shall:

• act as an independent interest group and voice for CROs active in Sweden providing consultancy services to academia, the pharmaceutical-, biotech- and medical technology industry.

• represent and promote the common interests of its members towards sponsors, governmental agencies/bodies, research organizations and similar entities.

• be an active part in the provision of information, in lobbying to influence political, public, industry and other decision makers in matters of importance for its members and those serving the mission of ASCRO.

• serve as a facilitator and can organize meetings and conferences as means for dialogue between its members and with the Industry.

• act to strengthen the position of the CRO as a key research entity in Sweden.

• provide counselling and advice within its field.

• promote training, education and mentoring for CRO consultants.

• promote the development of tools, techniques and technologies for state of the art recruitment of investigators and patients into clinical trials.

Board of directors

Helena Lüning

Chairman of the Board



Hedda Magnusson

Member of the Board, Treasurer

LINK Medical Research


Joacim Folkesson

Member of the Board



Annsofie Holmborn

Member of the Board



Sverre Bengtsson

Member of the Board

Viedoc Technologies


Linda Thunell

Member of the Board

Arex Advisor


Erik Olaisson

Associate Member of the Board

Scandinavian CRO


Martina Stenerdal

Associate Member of the Board